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For men only? Hardly.

Just in case you think big hairy diesels are a masculine obsession only, let us share this story with you, shamelessly shared from another *website (not plagiarism, just honest admiration):

Her name is Sandy Johnson, and she calls her trucks (two of them!) her children. And she’s bringing up her human child to share the same love of power. 

Sandy began some 18 years ago, with a 1999 Ford F350, 7.3L Power Stroke. Working with a friend, she added an 8-inch suspension lift, custom bumpers, cold air intake, and a straight 4-inch exhaust. She calls is her “first daughter.”

After her daughter was born, Sandy was back in the garage, this time with a 2002 Ford Excursion that she calls “my Frankenstein.” She searched for and found one of two military replacement bumpers remaining in the United States. This time, a 15-inch custom lift, courtesy of help from the same friend. Loaded with goodies: cold air intake, fuel heat assist, bullet proof transmission (!) custom torque converter, custom stereo, roof rack with off-road lights … the girl didn’t know when to quit!

Take note: Sandy is a breast cancer survivor, which explains, perhaps, why she painted the drive shafts on both trucks pink! She says proudly that she “earned” the pink accents by building the trucks herself.

And, she notes, the custom roof ladder allows her and her daughter to hang out on the roof at the beach!

My 3rd child.  2002 Ford Excursion ( my daughter is my 2nd child ;). Again / same as “Blackie” above, 7.3L of course!!!  My poison of choice and will never give either up.  They’ve been as true to me as I have been to them.  This girl “Big Whitie” is my Frankenstein.   I love working on her and always have new ideas.  Ordered Road Armor, not wanting what the rest of the world already has, Road Armor worked me and found me one of two military replacement bumpers remaining in the US.   ( these were built for our military trucks and bummers in Iraq).  15″ custom lift – again, my friend and me.   Cold air intake, geared, fuel heat assist, banks gauges, bullet proof trans, custom torque converter, 40″ TOYO’s…..with room for 46’s for serious play dates.  Custom stereo, custom roof rack with all off roads lights powered by a solar panel, charging 2 gel cells hidden on the truck.

Custom extremely re-enforced rear bumper to support a rear ending as well as my custom designed tire carrier to support my spare 40″.  Complete with a wench to assist lowering and raising the spare.  12k Warn wench up front / of course!!  Custom built traction bars to match the pattern on my front bumper, Complete with my hot pink paint!  I also painted my drive shafts on both my 7.3’s pink… copying please!!!!  😉

I am a breast cancer survivor / me and my trucks earned our pink stripes!!

I built my trucks – another earning for my pink accents.

I’m 5’9″ – my hood towers over me and I love it all the more for it!

Custom ladder allows me and my daughter to hang out on the roof at the beach……love the sun. — Sandy Johnson



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