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CPP Performance SAC Injector



Designed with max drivability, max dyno numbers and max performance in mind. These injectors have raised the bar in the Diesel Performance world! When CPP first released our SAC injectors in 2010, the Diesel Performance world was turned upside down. Now 7 years later everyone knows what a sac injector is and the competition has learned why we used a wide cone angle and the advantages of higher pop pressures that they once doubted.

CPP uses only the best quality parts in our injectors. We want our customers to get what they paid for. There are injectors being sold much cheaper elsewhere and we refuse to cut corners to meet their standards. If you are looking for a quality product with the best warranty in the business, look no further! Lifetime warranty to original purchaser!  We also have a satisfaction guarantee or we will swap you for a different set at no charge!


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